Student Welfare

This particular duty provides the students with the necessary support while undertaking their studies. This includes:

  • Ease communication between the student body and the administration.
  • Championing for student welfare and integration.
  • Organize student events such as cultural events, sports among other co-curricular activities.

Elections to the Baringo Technical Student Union (BTSU) are held annually with 5 representatives from each department. The executive committee consists of 5 members led by the BTSU Chairperson, this body represents the student’s welfare in the institutions administration.

Guidance and Counselling

The Guidance and Counseling programs are vital in providing psychological & social support to the students as they pursue their academic goals, as well as to the staff. The institution is served by a counselor who provides all the necessary information and support to the students and staff who may experience challenges. Counseling services are available during all working hours, and the students are encouraged to consult the departmental counselors when in need.