Baringo Technical College invites sealed Tenders from eligible bidders for the supply and delivery of the following goods and services for the financial year 2021/2021 and prequalification/registration of suppliers for financial year 2021/2022/2023/2023

Tender 2021/2022/2023

 BTC/PROC/1/2021/2022Provision of milling servicesOpen
 BTC/PROC/2/2021/2022Provision of sanitary support services Special group
 BTC/PROC/3/2021/2022Provision of  Insurance for  Students(Group cover)Open
 BTC/PROC/4/2021/2022Provision of group personal insuarance and wiba  insuarce coverOpen
 BTC/PROC/5/2021/2022Supply and delivery and maintenance of fire extinguishersOpen
 BTC/PROC/6/2021/2022Provision of  motor vehicle InsuranceOpen
 BTC/PROC/7/2021/2022Repair and servicing of motor vehiclesOpen


 BTC/PQ1/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of hardware materials, plumping materials and fittings Open
 BTC/PQ2/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of electrical, electronics, solar  materials , accessories , appliances and equipment’sOpen
 BTC/PQ3/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of general stationerySpecial group
 BTC/PQ4/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of building stones, cabro stones, blocks, bricks, sand, ballast and hardcoreOpen
 BTC/PQ5/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of fresh fruitsSpecial group
 BTC/PQ6/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of meat ( beef, mutton and goat) and other related productsOpen
 BTC/PQ7/2021/2022/2023Supply delivery of chicken ,eggs and fishSpecial
 BTC/PQ8/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of bread and confectioneryOpen
 BTC/PQ9/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of bulk  sugar and cooking fatOpen
 BTC/PQ10/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of dry cereals Special group
 BTC/PQ11/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of fresh vegetablesSpecial group
 BTC/PQ12/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of sports equipment’s and uniformOpen
 BTC/PQ13/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of motor vehicle tyres, tubes and batteries and other accessoriesOpen
 BTC/PQ14/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of airtimeOpen
 BTC/PQ15/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of branded staff uniforms and other textiles open
 BTC/PQ16/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of dry food stuffOpen
 BTC/PQ17/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery tonners and cartridgeSpecial group
 BTC/PQ18/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of fashion and design materials, accessories, appliances and equipment’sOpen
 BTC/PQ19/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of hairdressing  and beauty therapy materials, accessories, appliances and equipment’s     Open
 BTC/PQ20/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of tomatoes, potatoes and onionsSpecial group
 BTC/PQ21/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of cleaning materialsOpen
 BTC/PQ22/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of detergentsSpecial group
 BTC/PQ23/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery fuel and lubricantsOpen
 BTC/PQ24/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of charcoal Special group
 BTC/PQ25/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of green grocerySpecial group
 BTC/PQ26/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of lecture chairs and tablesOpen
 BTC/PQ27/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of mattress Open
 BTC/PQ28/2021/2022/2023Provision of printing services e.g. Promotional materials, banners , brochures ,t- shirts etc.Special
 BTC/PQ29/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of fresh milkOpen
 BTC/PQ30/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery branded corporate wearSpecial group
 BTC/PQ31/2021/2022/2023Supply and installation of intercom accessories and maintenanceOpen
 BTC/PQ32/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of automotive equipment and accessoriesOpen
 BTC/PQ33/2021/2022/2023Provision of contracts for small works and services (repair, portioning renovations, extensions, welding and fabrications)Open
 BTC/PQ34/2021/2022/2023Provision of  asset tagging and valuationOpen
 BTC/PQ35/2021/2022/2023Supply and installation of cctv cameras and related supplies , provision of repair maintenance and servicing of cctv and security related equipment’s and machinesOpen
 BTC/PQ36/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of furnitureOpen
 BTC/PQ37/2021/2022/2023Provision of internet servicesOpen
 BTC/PQ38/2021/2022/2023Repairs and maintenance of computers ,photocopier  and printersSpecial group
 BTC/PQ39/2021/2022/2023Supply of textbooksOpen
 BTC/PQ40/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of cutlery, utensils and  kitchen equipment and appliancesOpen
 BTC/PQ41/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of mechanical and welding engineering materials, tools and equipmentOpen
 BTC/PQ42/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of computers and computers accessoriesSpecial group
 BTC/PQ43/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of farm inputs  animals feeds and agro vet materialsOpen
 BTC/PQ44/2021/2022/2023Provision of pest control and fumigation servicesOpen
 BTC/PQ45/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of motor vehicle spares, accessories and servicingOpen
 BTC/PQ46/2021/2022/2023Supply & delivery of phamercitical products and equipmentOPEN

Interested bidders must attach documentary evidence of the following;

Tender documents with detailed specifications may be obtained from the the Procurement office upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Ksh.1000 . Alternatively, the document may be downloaded free of charge from BTC website by visiting www.baringotechnical.ac.ke. Bidders who download the documents from the website MUST also forward their particulars immediately for records via email to baringotechprocurement@gmail.com

Duly completed tender forms in plain sealed envelopes bearing specific tender number and item should be addressed to the undersigned or be deposited in the tender box at the Administration Block on or before Friday 25TH JUNE 2021 at 11.30AM.

 Tenders will be opened soon after closing in presence of bidders or representatives who choose to attend. Late bids will be returned unopened.

The Chief Principal,

Baringo Technical College,

P.O Box 299-30400,